Flickers on Vray render in 3ds max.

Hello !I would like to start my blog about fixing  problems VRay  render in 3ds Max.

Sometimes we I have got flickers   final image result after render in v-ray. It is depend  of  several reasons. Now I would like to help you several ways to solve such problems.

  1. When you have a problem with light. For example: In this scene you have not got enough lights for renders object. You have to move light in front of problem part  of the object .
  2. If you have got  animated objects in your scene recommend use Primary engine – Irradiance map.  Secondary engine – Brute force.  Current preset – High animation.
  3. If you  have got only animation camera (your objects and lights not animated)   use this options:  00002 003 untitledChange  Every nth frame  to 10, Use the ” Don’t render final image”, Change the mode options to Multiframe incremenshion  and save vrmap file. Next you will render irradiance map file. After the finish render you must change Every nth frame  to 1, uncheck ” Don’t render final image”, Change the mode options to from file and choose saved  vrmap file. Next you will render  final render image .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hope it is will help you to fix the flickers problem on Vray !

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